The Aquatics centre within the 4pets department at Coletta & Tyson has been on a journey over the last few years. We want to give fish lovers across Yorkshire everything they could wish for, from live fish to specialist products and tanks.

Whether you're keeping tropical or cold water fish, we have an amazing range of food, accessories, equipment and specialist products to suit any tank.

Looking to start your own tank? Come to 4pets and browse our range of small and large tanks, or look through our catalogue of tanks and cabinets.

Try our water testing service to ensure your tank has the right balance for your fish. Simply ask in 4pets or call 01482 865410 to book a test and bring in a water sample.

We are proud stockists of exclusive ATM products for marine and freshwater tanks. As seen on Discovery Channel's Tanked.

aquatics room at coletta and tysonWide product selection

Discus Fish

Fish stock changing weekly
- Leopard
- Pigeon Blood
- Blue Snakeskin

Tropical Fish

Fish stock changing weekly
- Cichlids
- Catfish
- Angel Fish

Cold Water Fish

Fish stock changing weekly
- Orandas
- Ranchu
- Assorted Fancy Goldfish
- Koi 

Fish Food

Whatever fish you have we have the right feed at 4pets. Speak to our Fish Specialist Dean for advice on types of food and how much! from £1.79

Brand New Fish Tank Range

A fantastic new range of fish tanks from Aquael. AQUAEL offers traditional glass aquariums in two variants - the front wall of a straight front glass and oval front glass. AQUAEL glass containers are made from a suitable thickness of the glass, of draw in proportion to the volume of the tank. 

Our fish tank range

Water Treatments

We have a large range of water treatments to ensure your levels are perfect for your fish. Ask a member of staff for advice and book a water test.

4pets is proud to now stock ATM products - as seen on Discovery Channel's Tanked - a revolutionary range of marine and freshwater treatments that are quick and easy to use.


You will find fantastic quality lighting and LED options in our Aquatics section including brands like Arcadia LED bulbs. Ask our team what's best for your tank.

Aquarium Decor

There is a huge range of aquarium decor and ornaments to choose from at 4pets. Create beautiful underwater scenes or add novelty divers and characters to your tank.

Aquarium Equipment

We have the very best to create the perfect conditions for your fish including filters and protien skimmers. Our experienced staff members have chosen to stock the very best aquatic equipment.