Wildlife & Birdcare

Caring for wildlife and birds is a rewarding and important pastime, that brings joy to people and helps to bring children closer to nature.

4pets has many items that will help you look after the birds and wildlife in your garden. We have a huge range of bird feed including big brands such as Peckish, Tom Chambers and Johnston & Jeff. We have a vast variety of bird feeders and bird tables of every size and shape to suit any garden. Our bird baths really would be a great addition to any garden too, as would nest boxes for all birds including Robins, tits or sparrows.

In addition you can see our range of hedgehog and ladybird houses alongside our bee, bat and lacewing boxes. These compliment the dozens of different feeds for all wildlife that we stock. Plus look out in the plant area for bee friendly stickers on the perfect for pollinators plants.

We also have a range of wildflowers and wildlife-friendly plants and of course this is all brought to you at our everyday low prices.