Artificial Trees

Our Christmas tree range is bigger & better than ever. Giving you the best choice of size, shape & colour so you're sure to find something that is perfect for you this year. Come in store to see the full range presented in the Garden Centre & all the sizes & prices.

PLUS We can deliver any Christmas tree to you in time for Christmas

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Snowy Alaskan Fir

Transform your home into a winter wonderland this Christmas. A simple design with an effective fallen snow flocked finish which will delight family and friends. Available in 6, 7 & 10ft starting at £99.99

Kensington Spruce

The Kensington Spruce is a realistic looking tree with soft needles which are ideal for homes with children. Available in 5ft at £84.99 LAST ONE

Mountain Spruce

With bushy branches and a real needle mix, this mountain spruce could easily be mistaken for a real tree. Available in 6 & 7ft starting at £164.99

Nordmann Fir

This Nordmann Christmas Tree is one of the most realistically shaped artificial trees on the market - you can achieve the look without the mess of dropping needles. Available in 6 & 7ft starting at £134.99

Koreana Spruce

In a fresh green hue, this artificial tree has been inspired by a majestic Korean spruce and boasts numerous thick and luscious branch tips. Available in 8ft at £279.99

Imperial Pine

This realistic tree when adorned with lights & decorations, will grace any room & bring you a warm festive feeling. Available in 4, 5, 6, 7 & 10ft. Starting at £22.99

Victoria Pine

This Victoria Pine Christmas Tree will bring a touch of magic to your living room, the tree has a full, natural look which will look great when decorated. Available in 5 & 8ft starting at £59.99

Lodge Slim Pine

Lodge Slim Pine is a small/slim design to fit in rooms where space is minimal. It provides your festive home with an authentic slender indoor tree. Available in 8 & 10ft starting at £99.99

Canada Spruce

This full & rounded shape tree, with a mixture of soft & hard needles creates the perfect backdrop in your home this Christmas. Available in 4ft at £49.99

Frosted Vermont Spruce

This Christmas tree is very natural-looking and is dusted with snow to create the feel of a real White Christmas this year. Available in 8ft at £229.99

Oslo Pine

A simply Christmas tree for a traditional family Christmas. Enjoy this easy to assemble tree and soft needle mix for an easy Christmas. Available in 7 & 8ft starting at £139.99

Frosted Grandis Fir

This frosted-look Grandis Fir Christmas tree brings the look of winter into your home, with none of the chill! A great focal point. Available in 6 & 8ft starting at £129.99

Noble Pine

This natural tree is the perfect backdrop for all your favourite decorations. Enjoying a stress free Christmas with it's easy assembly. Available in 6, 7 & 8ft starting at £139.99

Kingswood Fir

This tree is an ideal solution if you love the look of a real Christmas tree. A full, plush tree that looks fantastic when fully decorated. Available in 6 & 8ft starting at £179.99

Grandis Fir Green

The impressive Grandis Fir Christmas Tree makes an ideal focal point for Christmas displays at home or at your place of business. Available in 6 & 8ft starting at £149.99

Colour Morph Fibre Optic Tree

 This stunning colour morph Fibre Optic Tree creates a magical Christmas feel. It also features a star at the top which also lights up. Available in 2.5, 4, & 6ft starting at £49.99

White Fibre Optic Tree

This cute 60cm white fibre optic tree changes colour and creates a lovely snowy tree effect. Perfect for an empty corner or a little girls bedroom. Available in 3ft at £49.99