Grow Your Own

Growing your own fruit and veg can be so rewarding. We have everything you need to help you get started.

Whether you enjoy gardening or are interested in the benefits of eating organically growing your own can be very fulfilling. Our expert staff can give you all the advice and tips you need on how to set up your beds or treatments you may need for pests and disease. Grow your own and taste the difference.

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Plus we recommend visiting the Grow Your Own website and getting as much information as you can before starting to grow your own as there are lots of things that can interfere with your crops when growing your own.


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Grafted Veg

Grafted veg now in!! Starting from £2.99


GroZone Max

Ideal for germinating seeds, propagating plants, growing & protecting fruit and vegetables or simply extending the growing season for ONLY £39.99

Veg Plants 9cm

All grown on our nurseries in East Yorkshire, so you're sure to get the freshes plants possible. 9cm veg plants are just 79p each

Veg Plants 10.5cm

All grown on our nurseries in East Yorkshire, so you're sure to get the freshes plants possible. 10.5cm veg plants are 99p each

Soft Fruit Bushes

A large selection such as strawberries, raspberries, rhubarb, currants and much more. Starting from 79p

Fruit Trees

A large selection in various sizes, such as apples, pears, plums and much more. Starting from £9.99


Growbags are specifically designed for growing fruit and vegetables as well as flowers. Available as Standard, Tomato, Fruit & Veg planters. From £2.99

Growbag Tray

Simply stand the bag in the tray and it will help hold a reservoir of water and minimise water loss when watering. From £8.99

Burgon and Ball Harvest range

We have everything you need to harvest your fruits and vegetables. Including these handy storage jars and gingham lids. Starting from £1.95

Cell inserts

Easy drainage and push out cells. Available in 15, 24 or 40 cells starting from £2.49

Fruit Cage

Fruit cages give crops protection with touch woven black mesh. £24.99

Greenhouse tier staging

Staging enables you to sow seed and pot plants at a comfortable height and creates a space underneath. From £31.99

4 tier growhouse

Ideal for seedlings, rooting cuttings and young plants, the Gardman 4 Tier Greenhouse has a reinforced cover for extra durability. £24.99

Standard Propagators

We have a great range of non electric propagators ranging from £2.99 to £21.99, ideal for growing seeds or cuttings.

Perma Tunnel

Give seeds and young plants a head start in spring with the Gardman Perma-Tunnel with PVC cover. £19.99

Grow tunnels

We have a range of grow tunnels using different material covers, fleece, polythene, PVC etc. From £9.99

Self Watering Propagator

This product is perfect size to sit comfortably on a window sill. The plants draw the water naturally from the capillary matting as required. £21.99

Electric Propagators

Electric propagators enable gardeners to start seeds before the air temperature has reached the temperature required by the seeds, meaning plants can get off to a head start. From £25.99 to £69.99

Bean & Pea netting

Provides ideal support for pea, beans and other climbers. Available in 4 & 6m packs from £3.99

Bamboo canes

Ideal for supporting climbing plants and shrubs. Available from 60cm - 2.4m sizes. From £2.99

Deep Root Planter

These planters are perfect for under-the-soil vegetables such as potatoes and carrots. Just £69.99

Veg Bed

The raised design on this garden planter also allows heat to retained in the bed and for easier drainage of water. from £59.99