Patio Kits

Our patio kits are some of the cheapest in the area! We have a great range of circle kits, square off kits and the all new deckpave, decorative paving slabs made to look to look like decking! 

If we don't have the right size or colour in store grab a member of staff because we might be able to order yours in from the brochure! 

Stratford Paving - £220

5.76m (available in Antique Grey & Perisian) 

Lakeland Paving Kit - £230

5.76m (available in Cumbrian Slate) 

Baroque Paving - £225

5.76m (available in Limestone & Welsh Slate) 

Rectory Paving - £220

5.76m (available in Welsh Slate) 

Chalice Paving Kit - £120

5.76Sqm (available in Honey Brown & Mellow Gold)

Cathedral Circle Kit - £125

1.8m (available in Weathered Moss, Barley & Weathered York)

Rectory Circle Kit - £140

Circle & Square off kit 3.24m (available in welsh slate) 

Stratford Octagon - £225

5.06m (available in Antique Grey & Parisian)

Aurora Circle Kit - £165

Aurora Circle Kit 1.8m (available in antique grey/barley)

Chalice Circle Kit - from £60

Circle 1.5m £60 or circle & square off kit 3.24m £120

Cathedral Paving Kit - £220

7.29m2 (available in Weathered York, Barley & Weathered Moss) 

Catherine Wheel Circle Kit - £160

Circle only: 2.09m (available in weathered slate or barley)

Deckpave Paving Kit - £190

6.25m2 (available in Brown Oak)