Autumn Lawn Care

Thursday 07 September 2017

Autumn is the perfect time to maintain your lawn or even sow a new lawn! At this time of year, any treatment has time to take effect before temperatures fall and growth stops.


Sowing a new lawn is best done during Spring (March - May) or in Autumn (September - Mid October)

We recommend using Gro-Sure Smart Lawn Seed (25sqm £10.99 or 40sqm £14.99) 

For a new lawn:

  1. Prepare the soil by clearing any debris and clear any perrenial weeds and treat with weedkiller. 
  2. One a dry day dig soil to a depth of 20-25cm, break down any lumps and then tread it down to firm it over then rake over aiming for a flat even surface. 
  3. The day before sowing water the area thoroughly and leave to soak overnight. 

For an existing Lawn: 

  1. Remove any weeds by hand or treat using a selective weedkilling treatment. 
  2. Mow the lawn closely before raking or scarifying to remove any moss and weed remains. If the ground appears hard or compacted aerate using a garden fork.
  3. Finally, spread Westland Lawn & Turf Dressing to fill any shallow holes and to level-out the surface.


Apply the seed at a rate of 40g per sqm (30g/sq.m for lawn repairs). As a guide one large handful is approximately 40g. Sprinkling the seed in 2 passes at right angles to each other will help spread the seed more uniformly. Lightly rake to gently incorporate the seed into the surface.

After sowing: 

  1. Rolling: The ground should be rolled or lightly firmed by walking over it and pressing the seed into the soil.
  2. Watering: Water the lawn thoroughly using a fine-rosed watering can or a lawn sprinkler which produces a fine spray taking care not to wash the seeds away
  3. Mowing: Grass can be cut for the first time when it is 5-8cm (2-3inches) high. A light trim will be sufficient initially. Gradually lower the cutting height to about 2.5cm (1 inch), which is ideal. Do not remove more than 1/3rd of the growth at any one time.
  4. Feeding: After 10-12 weeks we recommend feeding your new lawn with Aftercut 3 Day Green Lawn Feed. Simply apply after mowing for quicker more visible greener results in 3 days.

Key Products: 

Aftercut Autumn All in One Box - £10
Aftercut Autumn All in One Bag - £17.99

Aftercut Patch Fix - £9.99

Gro-Sure Fast Acting Lawn Seed (10sqm) - £5.99
Gro-Sure Smart Seed (80sqm) - was £25.99 now £17
Evergreen Extreen Green (80sqm) - was £9.99 now £7

Lawn Sand Bucket 8kg - £9.99
Tough Lawn Spike Shoes - £11.99
Lawn Sand Bag 16kg - £10.99

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