Gardening Tasks for January

Thursday 11 January 2018

There's always something to be doing in the garden, whether it's pruning, tidying or sowing, so we've put together our top gardening tasks for January.

In the flower garden:

  • You can plant bare root roses now in a sunny position for spectacular summer colour.
  • If your garden is looking a bit bare try growing a winter-flowering evergreen Clematis such as 'Winter Beauty'. 
  • Cut back the old foliage from ornamental grasses before growth begins - clip them to within a few centimetres of the ground.
  • Prune rose bushes now whilst they are dormant. Cut back to just above a bud and remove any crossing or dead branches.

In the veg garden:

  • Harvest parsnips & leeks.
  • If you'd like to grow early peas, place a cloche over the soil to let it warm up for a few weeks prior to sowing.
  • Start chitting (sprouting) early potatoes - stand them on end in a module tray or egg box and place in a bright cool frost-free place
  • You can start growing potatoes in containers under cover for a very early crop (Charlotte potatoes are a good variety for this). Potato Patio Planters are ideal for growing early potatoes in small spaces.

In the fruit garden:

  • Begin pruning your apple trees and pear trees if you haven't done so already - this is best done whilst they are dormant.
  • Leave plums, cherries and apricots unpruned until the summer as pruning these fruit trees now will make them susceptible to silver leaf infections.
  • Try forcing rhubarb plants by placing an upturned bucket or bin over the crown. This will force tender pink stems to grow that will be ready in about 8 weeks time.
  • If you're looking for something a bit different to add to your fruit garden, try the nutritious Blueberry PinkBerry.

In the greenhouse:

  • Plant Amaryllis bulbs in pots now for stunning indoor flowers in early spring.
  • Keep your potato planters inside as frosts will kill the foliage.
  • For better seed germination, try using electric propagators to help your early seedlings along.

Looking after your lawn

Avoid walking on your lawn when it is blanketed by heavy frost or snow, as this will damage the grass beneath.

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