How to care for your fresh cut Christmas tree

Thursday 07 December 2017

Get the most life of your Christmas tree with these easy to follow steps.

Storing your tree once you’re home

Keep out of the sunlight- Do not leave a cut Christmas tree lying in the sunshine for long periods of time, especially if air temperatures are warm.
Keep it in water - If a tree cannot be immediately displayed in water, make a fresh cut on the base of the trunk, and stand it in a bucket of water in a cool, shaded location, either indoors or outdoors.

Setting up your tree in it’s stand

Once you are ready to put your tree in it’s stand cut off a 0.5-1 inch disk off the bottom of the trunk (do not cut at an angle) Use a stand with an adequate water holding capacity for the tree. Fresh trees use about 1L of water per day per about 2.5 cm of trunk diameter.

Placement of your tree

Keep your tree away from any heat sources such as radiators, open fires or direct sunlight. Keeping the room temperature low will slow down the drying out time resulting in less water consumption.

Watering your tree Always keep your tree stand filled with water. Dried sap will form a seal over the cut stump if the water level falls below the base of the tree, If this occurs, make another fresh cut in the butt-end and promptly fill the stand with water. Use hot tap water which will soften sap and facilitate absorption. A tree will absorb as much as a gallon of water or more in the 24 hours after it is cut.

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