5 year Hardy Plant Guarantee

Tuesday 01 January 2019

At Coletta & Tyson garden centre we offer a 5 year plant guarantee on all our hardy container grown plants.

At Coletta & Tyson Garden Centre we pride ourselves on the quality of our plants. We therefore guarantee all our container grown hardy nursery stock plants for five years. A hardy plant is one that will withstand a normal UK winter outside e.g. Silver birch. This therefore excludes all bedding plants, all houseplants and half-hardy shrubs e.g. pittosporum.  If you feel your plant is not thriving then please contact our plant team so that we can advise you.

If one of our hardy plants fails to thrive given all proper care taken, we will replace it free of charge or give you a credit note. We will require you to provide the original receipt and the original plant itself as proof.

There are a few simple conditions which may invalidate the plant guarantee:-

  • Physical damage to a plant such as bark damage caused by strimmers or lawn mowers or animal damage i.e rabbits etc
  • If a plant has failed due to neglect e.g. insufficient water during dry weather.
  • Extreme climatic conditions may invalidate this guarantee as even the most robust plants can suffer e.g. the winter of 2010 temperatures dropped to –19c and snow covered gardens for many weeks. Or the floods of 2007 when many established plants had their roots in water for many days and drowned.
  • We will guarantee a plant for its natural lifespan however we cannot guarantee short-lived perennials for five years where their life expectancy is less e.g. certain herbaceous plants such as Digitalis

The guarantee does not apply to any plant reductions and is only applicable to full priced plants.

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