A quick guide to making your own compost

Tuesday 31 March 2020

Here is a quick guide to making your own quality compost 

All you need is:
💚A Compost Bin,
💚A sunny corner of the garden
💚50/50 nitrogen and carbon rich waste.
Step 1_ Place the compost bin on soil (stop rodents getting in by putting chicken wire at the base.)
Step 2_ Add 50%Nitrogen and 50%Carbon Rich Waste and turn with a garden folk occasionally.
Step 3_After 6 months the mixture should have turned brown and smell slightly sweet, that indicates the compost is ready to use.
🌱Nitrogen-rich waste (green)🌱
🌱Grass clippings🌱Annual weeds🌱Fruit and Veg Peelings🌱Nettle leaves🌱Teabags
Carbon-rich waste (brown)
PruningsHedgetrimmingsPaper or newspaperCardboardStrawSawdustPaper towelsPaper bags
👍Also add👍
Eggshells, Natural fibres (wool or cotton), Wood ash (not too much)

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