A quick Hanging Basket Guide

Tuesday 07 April 2020

Here is our quick guide to creating a Beautiful Hanging Basket.



You will need:

Hanging Basket 

Hanging Basket Liner

A sheet of Plastic

Multi-Purpose Compost 

Controlled Release Fertiliser

Water-Retaining Gel

A Selection of your favourite Hanging Basket Flowers


Step 1. Mix a multi-purpose compost with a controlled release fertiliser and water-retaining gel.

Step 2. Place your fibre basket lining in the basket, then place a lining of cut to size plastic on top.

TOP TIP. Lining with plastic will minimise water loss

Step 3. Put a small layer of your compost mix at the bottom of your basket. At compost level make slits horizontally through the fibre and plastic linings, making sure you leave ample of space between them.

Step 4. Taking your plants push them through the linings from the inside out. The roots should be resting on the layer of compost mix.

TOP TIP. Wrap the flowers in paper, plastic anything you have to hand, to help protect them during this process.

Step 5. Cover the roots with another layer of your compost mix, then repeat the process until you are 4cm from the top of your basket.

TOP TIP. Make sure you leave enough space between your flowers and layers, remember the flowers will grow and spread.


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