Growing for a Better Future

Sunday 31 March 2019

Here at Coletta & Tyson we actually grow a huge amount of plants right here in East Yorkshire, some of which you'll see in the garden centre but most of them you'll across chain stores across the country such as B&Q. 

To do so we need a huge amount of land for our greenhouses to go....400 acres worth infact! 

As you can imagine the packaging and materials used to grow the millions of plants and get them ready to ship off is quite substantial. 

Here at Coletta & Tyson we pride ourselves on being as sustainable and as proactive as possible when it comes to recycling, polution and the environment. 

Each year we recycle: 100 tonnes of pots & trays, 100 tonnes of cardboard & 15 toones of plastic. 

A few years ago we launched new sustainable, recyclable and environmentally friendly packaging for our bedding plants. Our bedding plants are now grown in a “teabag” made from biodegradable corn starch that is filled with coconut coir pith and put in a recyclable plastic tray. 

100% recyclable plastic tray saves 15 million polystyrene trays going to landfill.

B&Q sold over 15 million polystyrene packs that couldn’t be recycled using customers home recycling bins. That was 22,500 cubic meters of non-degradable polystyrene going to UK landfills, the equivalent of over 87,000 wheelie bins. We worked with one of our key suppliers to develop the easyecoplant™ RPET recyclable tray. The RPET is made from recycled plastic drinks bottles and the registered design allowed us to reduce the foot print of the bulky polystyrene pack by over 25%. When the customer is finished with the tray they can simply put it in their recycling bin. As well as saving all that polystyrene going to landfill we have also reduced our transport emmisions, due to the new packaging taking up less space in an arctic lorry this means we can send much more of our product with fewer lorries. 

95% Peat free plants grown on in 100% sustainable coconut coir pith.

Defras voluntary target for horticulture to be peat free is 2030, 16 years away, but it’s estimated that peat extraction releases around 1.25 million tonnes of carbon emissions per year and destroys the natural habitat of wild plants such as Sundews and Butterworts. The RSPB are long supporters of peat free gardening because lowland peat bogs are the home to birds like Merlins and Golden Plovers as well as dragonflies and raft spiders. Horticulturists and gardeners generally believe in looking after nature and try to help improve it if they can.

The marketing and design teams at Coletta & Tyson were able to deliver a fresh new label to compliment the new pack that could be recycled with the tray. Coletta & Tyson have registered the design and are supplying it exclusively to B&Q and other authorised B&Q growers, however in the future the pack will be made available to other growers.

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