NEW from Westland SafeLawn

Monday 26 March 2018

Westland have come out with some amazing new products which should be in everyone’s gardening essentials. 

This includes SafeLawn: a great lawn feed which is Child and Pet Friendly.

Westland SafeLawn

Westland SafeLawn is an Organic Fertiliser with added lawn seed, made by using only natural ingredients. This creates the perfect lawn feed for households which, are concerned about using chemicals in their gardens.

Why use SafeLawn?

·         Fast Acting and Long-Lasting Plant Nutrients,

·         Greens & Thickens lawns,

·         Helps Grass Outcompete Weeds & Moss,

·         Friendly Bacteria to Break Down Dead Leaves & Moss,

·         Safe for Children & Pets,

·         Added Grass Seed to Fill Gaps & Thin Areas

·         100% Natural Organic Fertiliser.

When to use SafeLawn

·         February – September every 3-4 weeks, this is when your grass is actively growing.

For Best Results: Apply to your lawn after mowing and removing clippings, this will give a better seed-soil contact.

How to Use SafeLawn

·         Shake Pack Before Use,

·         Apply granules evenly to ensure the same result throughout your lawn.

For Outstanding Results: Apply double the application.

  Safety Information

·         Gloves are recommended when handling,

·         Wash hands after exposure to skin,

·         This product is safe for children and pets, however it is good practice to store out of reach in a dry, frost-free place.

80SQ.M - £8

400SQ.M - £25


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