Pheobe’s Lodge

Wednesday 30 May 2018

Nice 2b Nice is a Hull based charity working as part of the Life for a Kid Foundation. Run and managed by two volunteers, David Freer as Founder & Head of Operations and Co-Founder, Sarah Freer who manages the holiday home, Phoebe’s Lodge.

Pheobe's Lodge is a free service to the children of this area and although it was donated to Nice 2b Nice they have since spent thousands of pounds bringing it to a standard acceptable for the families that use her. The running costs and improvements which are always being made need financial support and backing.

Nice 2b Nice recently took on the project to revamp the garden area of Pheobe's Lodge and David Freer found himself in Coletta & Tyson shopping for various items for the garden. The Coletta & Tyson team since lent a helping hand while he was here to help him pick the right kind of plants for the project. 

After delivery Coletta & Tyson's Marketing Executive Kelly popped along over the weekend to help out with the work required to revamp the garden and plant all the plants they bought. 

The outcome was amazing and all the helping hands that were there to lend their free time was amazing, the garden is now a haven where families can relax and enjoy the outdoors. 

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