The Old Glasshouse

Wednesday 20 March 2019

As many of our customers know, we have said goodbye to The Oasis Cafe in 2018, to make way for a brand new cafe experience.

The Oasis Cafe was a much loved Self Service Café. However due to its popularity it had been looking a bit worn out and beginning to show its age, so towards the end of 2018 our new café project began.

The Old Glasshouse came from the Tyson Family wanting to honour their Italian heritage and company Founder John Coletta. John Coletta’s family emigrated from the Italian village of Monte Casino in southern Italy to Hull in 1900. He grew tomatoes, cut chrysanths, bedding plants and other fresh items for those shops in allotments at Golflinks Road, Hull.

We also wanted to create a special dining experience for our customers, which no other Garden Centre in East Yorkshire currently offers.


In March 2019 The Old Glasshouses doors opened for the first time. We have introduced a new waiter service, so our customers can relax while our waiters take their order. Our New menu reflects our Italian Heritage while embracing Local Suppliers and being an East Yorkshire Based Company.     


View our menu by clicking the link below



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